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Shameless Promotions

Over the last several years, We have been creating shameless promotions Go ahead check it out you know you’re curious

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Our Family Tree

We all have to come from somewhere. So I’m sharing my family photos, some are engineers others Hollywood actors. There’s a whole lot to learn.

Geneaology at its Finest

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A Message to You from the Good Doctor

Hello Friends,

The Dr. Yeti Show provides the perfect vehicle to Surf the InterGalactic Psychedelic Wave. Fueled by an eclectic mix of Music From the Future that’s collided seamlessly with the Past.  The show is BOTH shiny AND fuzzy at the same time featuring locally grown, organic, gluten free and grass fed content with a creamy nougat center. This show is sponsored by Karmic Time Travelers © and Deans House of Gluten Free Tires.

The Dr. Yeti Radio Show

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The Dr. Yeti Radio Show is always looking for new music in the psychedelic realm. Are you in?

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