The Crew

There are three components to surfing the intergalactic wave

Doctor Yeti

Founder & CEO

Dr. Horatio Yeti is the reclusive host of the show. As a young Yeti he was always interested in music so when the phonograph was invented He embraced the technology whole heartedly.  He spent many years in the hills of Appalachia before frackers destroyed his tribal homelands forcing him to flee for his life. His many family members convinced him to come back to the woods of the pacific northwest where he now resides and does his show from the seclusion of his yeti style fortress of solitude. He is 8 foot 11 inches tall and weighs close to  562 pounds. His favorite food is pizza.


Shaman of Shenanigans

Stanton J, “Shorty” Del Gato is a drummer, recovering kazoo player, and long-time radio producer for Dr. Yeti.Shorty is fluent is 1300 languages and most binary systems. He very much enjoys  The Great British Baking Show.

Col. Codini

Exec Producer

The Award winning Dr. Yeti Radio Show is executive produced by Col. “Jack” Codini V.H.B. 273.

Col. Codini was born in a small town on the Italian coast and has over twenty years experience in a bunch of stuff. He has held executive operations positions in  the music industry and was responsible for running a classified covert operations command in central america. He believes that Natcho Libre should be enshrined as a national treasure.  He owned the Hollywood musical talent agency  The Cruel and Shallow Money Trench for several years before being bought out by Bain Capital. He has received numerous honors and awards for his music productions, multicultural events and Global Illuminati television broadcast specials and has  earned even more numerous awards and recognition from the music, gambling, film and entertainment industry. His hobbies include black jack tournaments, raising pit bulls  and racing high performance speed boats.

He is also an ordained Silverback Minister in the Church of the Subgenius. 

Are you interested in The Dr. Yeti Radio Show playing on your community radio station? Contact the The Good Doctor and he’ll see what he can do.